Are you Superman or Batman?

We live in a great world. I wouldn't think that a controversial statement, indeed, you yourself might not think it one. After all, in the great span of human history, we're arguably living in the best time to be alive. Wars are less frequent and far smaller, many diseases can be beaten before you even … Continue reading Are you Superman or Batman?

I don’t like the X-Men, because I love my parents.

Pictured: A surrogate family of students and their cool college professor. My history as a Marvel comics fan was similar to most who grew up in the nineties I imagine. I was vaguely aware of characters such as Spider-Man but only really became interested enough to dig deeper into the comics and extra lore when … Continue reading I don’t like the X-Men, because I love my parents.

Captain America is still a patriot.

You can take the Captain out of America, but you can't take America out of the Captain. During the lead up to Avengers: Infinity War, I read and heard a reoccurring idea among review pundits. While I had no problem with most of their analysis, in fact, many of them did really in-depth explorations of the character … Continue reading Captain America is still a patriot.