Fallout: An American Fantasy

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ye84Zrqndo How about that huh? This actually makes it a perfect time to talk about something I've been meaning to express for awhile now. While Fallout itself is most certainly a science fiction series, it bears many connections with traditional fantasy and indeed mythology only presented in a uniquely American way. It goes beyond the mere … Continue reading Fallout: An American Fantasy

20/20: For Honor and the Myth of the Sword

Because there are no bad ideas, only bad executions. This is a series where I take a look back at things that could have worked or could have been made even better. For Honor’s true villain is not Apollyon (or Ubisoft) it’s the Players Take down the system! Guns are evil! This guy believes those things. Do you? In a bit of a departure. This round of 20/20 is … Continue reading 20/20: For Honor and the Myth of the Sword