Story Treatment: The Knight and the Mountain Black

          In Chineese Wuxia there are figures we'd call knights known as Youxia. This is the story of one encountering a foe culled from one of the darkest imagination's the West has ever known, H.P. Lovecraft.           Wei Yu rode his horse into a small secluded town. He asks … Continue reading Story Treatment: The Knight and the Mountain Black


Short Story: Paper Power

For those wondering what my version of Matilda would look like. There was a young boy named Nate Hatake. Nate loved to make things out of paper. His mother, very traditional Yamato Nadeshiko that she was, taught him origami and other ancient crafts. While his father, an aeronautics engineer, taught him to make paper airplanes that were almost feats … Continue reading Short Story: Paper Power

Short Story: Walkabout the Canyons

In the world of Saggaun, the great nations of the world each appoint a master to represent them on the illustrious Master's Council. Wise, skilled, and the best each nation has to offer, the Council has kept peace and balance since the collapse of the Ancient Tower and the civilization that was built around it. … Continue reading Short Story: Walkabout the Canyons

20/20: Mass Effect Andromeda

Because there are no bad ideas, only bad executions. This is a series where I take a hindsight look at products that could have fared better with a few tweaks. Mass Effect Andromeda’s problem is not bugs or animation errors, it’s story While by no means a commercial failure, Mass Effect: Andromeda has mixed reviews … Continue reading 20/20: Mass Effect Andromeda